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The translation management software for multilingual websites, mobile and desktop applications.

  • Translate apps and websites in just a few clicks
  • Simplify your translation process
  • Popular file types accepted, saving you valuable time
  • Order translations directly within PhraseApp

Translation Center

Manage and translate multiple localization projects at one place.

In-Context Editor

Translate your web application in-context and boost translation quality.


Integrate PhraseApp into your technical workflow.

Expert Translations

Get professional translations for 30+ languages.

Companies worldwide trust in PhraseApp

Better Now

Save time and money by translating in real-time.

PhraseApp simplifies the process for translating multilingual applications.

Set up in just a few clicks and translate instantly.

PhraseApp improves the efficiency of translators allowing them to translate without extra admin work.

We revolutionize the translation process.

Organize your translation management with PhraseApp's tools and concentrate on growing your business globally.

We support your device

PhraseApp supports all common programming languages. Translate your web applications and mobile apps:

iOS Android Windows Phone Rails Sinatra Python Django PHP Symfony2 Zend Java ... and many more!

We speak your format

PhraseApp supports all common localization file formats:

YAML Gettext Android Strings iOS Strings XLIFF JSON ResX INI Java Properties Symfony YAML TMX CSV PHP ... and many more!

In-Context Editor in Action

Translate your webapplication in context. See it in action with this webaplication:

Live Demo

Our pixoona users are now able to share moments in all relevant languages - thanks to PhraseApp. And most important: PhraseApp supports all relevant mobile devices.

Pixoona torben
Torben Toeppers
CTO pixoona

We are already planning to expand into non-English speaking countries when the timing is right. PhraseApp will make that very easy for us.

Bangthetable karthik
Karthik Reddy
Director at Bang the Table


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