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Is the feature completely translated? What is missing?
 Our dashboard offers a real-time status of your whole process at a glance. Access missing translations and translations to proofread with a few clicks.

“Glad we chose PhraseApp! Very personal and friendly experience. Easy to integrate in our existing localization process.”

Amy YinProduct Engineer at


Can you tell me when I should start translating the new feature?


Sure, I’ll send you an email when the copy is ready


Would be great if we could automate this!


added an integration to this channel: PhraseApp


added key headline

added key description

Reduce communication overhead and time-to-market

You just added the translation segments for a new feature? Your translator already knows and started working on the translation. Receive notifications on translation updates and comments via email, in-app notification or integrate with messengers like Slack. Integrate with other APIs using our webhook notifications.

“PhraseApp has been an important part of Kreditech’s successful international expansion, both on a Country and on a Product level!”

Ricardo VidalSenior Vice President at Kreditech

Automate your process

A locale file changed in your GitHub repository? The change is already visible in PhraseApp. No matter where you keep your language files, we offer the right synchronization client for your platform. Our API allows flexible ways of integrating PhraseApp into your workflow.

“PhraseApp is the most developer friendly and continuous-deployment friendly solution on the market.”

Ed VinyardLeading Software Architect at uShip

Improve translation quality and reduce errors

How is this string used in your software? Our In-Context Editor for web, screenshots and segment annotations give your translators more insight into the context of the translation. This helps you to prevent linguistic and functional translation errors in your localized app. The Translation Memory not only saves you time, but also helps to reduce your translation costs. Keep your messaging consistent with the term-base-management in our Glossary.

“PhraseApp has been instrumental in helping us perfect our apps' tone of voice in 6 languages.”

Joe HughesMobile Lead at Citymapper

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