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PhraseApp is the simplest way to localize your website or mobile application. Customers around the world rely on PhraseApp as the most comprehensive and developer friendly translation management solution.

Our Mission: Painless Software Localization

We make teams around the world more productive by making software localization faster, easier and more transparent.

The story behind

"We should have the platform available in 4 weeks!", our investor told us at the travel booking platform we were building. Then he added, "It must be available in 24 languages." Our team at the time was experienced in developing software for fast-growing startups, but this kind of pace in internationalization was rapid even for us. Our search for a product that could facilitate the localization of our software at this scale was fruitless. Finally, we decided to build an application to enable our translators to localize our web templates in-place while browsing our booking platform. The in-place editing instantly sped up our process and eventually became the foundation of our In-Context Editor.

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145+different languages

30k+PhraseApp users

260+million translated words

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And You?

We believe that everyone should be able to use software in their native language.
For software creators, translating their products should be natural and effortless.

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