The Principle Of Least Privilege For Account Security

Speed up your developers' work and reduce accidental overwriting of copywriting or translation content. Working with a huge team of developers across multiple translation projects can be time intensive and costly. Today we released the second part of PhraseApp’s advanced user management.

The principle of least privilege (PoLP; also known as the principle of least authority) is an important concept in computer security, promoting minimal user profile privileges on computers, based on users’ job necessities.

Developers do not need to access all your translation projects anymore. You can invite them to specific translation projects instead of every single person on every single project unnecessarily.


This enables more direct access to the contributing project and keeps the project management in control of the access levels. Developers are able to read & write all locales, style guides and blacklisted keys in their contributing translation project.

For more informations on user management in PhraseApp, checkout “Working on localization projects efficiently, together (Part 1)”.

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The Principle Of Least Privilege For Account Security
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