Getting the most out of PhraseApp

About PhraseApp

PhraseApp is the translation management software for multilingual websites and mobile apps. Manage your entire software translation with PhraseApp. Bring your own translators or order professional translations from within PhraseApp.

Core components of PhraseApp:

  • Translation Center
  • In-Context Editor
  • API

Translation Center

Most relevant for translators and managers.

The Translation Center is the central connection point of your translation project: Here you manage your entire translation project, the upload and export of your language files, the pending translations as well as the history and the tags of your translations.

In-Context Editor

Most relevant for translators and managers.

In order to understand the contextual meaning of a text, the In-Context Editor enables you to edit your website's translations directly within the layout of your website.


Most relevant for developers.

The PhraseApp-API is public and documented. It enables you to fit PhraseApp in very advanced workflows, e.g. integrate it into your continious integration server. The PhraseApp client provides easy access to pre-formated language files for developers.