Libraries & Tools

Integrate PhraseApp quickly into your app and boost your workflow with our tools and libraries.


The PhraseApp CLI tool is provided as a self contained binary for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. It provides a command line functionality to access the PhraseApp API and push/pull translation files.

Mac OS Linux Windows CLI API

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phraseapp-ruby is a Ruby gem that lets you interact with the PhraseApp API. It provides a client to access PhraseApp programmatically within your own applications.

Rails Sinatra Ruby API

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The phraseapp-in-context-editor-ruby gem lets you enable the In-Context-Editor for your Ruby/Rails applications.

Rails i18n Ruby Sinatra API

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Library for the PhraseApp API written in Golang.

Golang API

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Android Studio Plugin

Manage translations in your Android Studio projects with the PhraseApp Plugin for Android Studio.


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PhraseApp Plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio

This plugin integrates PhraseApp into Visual Studio. It works with any Windows Store app, including: Windows Phone 8.1 apps, Windows Grid and Hub apps ("Metro").

Windows Windows Phone Visual Studio

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Plugin to integrate the In-Context Editor into React applications that use react-i18next.

React Javascript i18next react-i18next

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Plugin to integrate the In-Context Editor into React applications that use react-intl.

React Javascript react-intl

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AngularJS plugin to enable PhraseApp In-Context-Editor for apps using angular-translate.

AngularJS Javascript angular-translate

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Connect PhraseApp to your RubyMotion application for the best internationalization experience.

Ruby RubyMotion iOS OS X

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Connect PhraseApp to your Django application and enable PhraseApp In-Context-Editor for your Python web applications.

Django Python

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The Symfony2 adapter connects your app to PhraseApp and integrates the powerful In-Context-Editor into your apps.

Symfony2 PHP

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Connect PhraseApp to your Flask application and enable PhraseApp In-Context-Editor for your Flask app.

Python Flask

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This adapter lets you connect your EmberJS app to PhraseApp and integrate the powerful In-Context-Editor into your apps.

EmberJS Javascript

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Extract plain Strings from .slim views and Rails controllers to replace them with I18n's t() method.

Slim Rails i18n Ruby

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Swagger API Spec

Allow generating custom client libraries for over 20 different languages from our swagger specification.

Swagger OpenAPI API

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There is more: Check out all PhraseApp projects on GitHub