Excel XLSX

Excel spreadsheet file format. By default, the key names should be located in column 'A', translations in column 'B' and comments in column 'C'.

File Extensions .xlsx
API Extension xlsx
Format Options key_name_column, translation_column, comment_column, first_content_row, enable_pluralization
Import Yes
Export Yes
Pluralization supported? Yes
Descriptions/Comments supported? Yes


. | A (Key name) | B (Translation)         | C (Comment)             |
1 | app_title    | My Software Project     | This is the main title  |
2 | greeting     | Hello 'User' ! Welcome  |  Be polite              |
3 | ...          |  ...                    |  ...                    |

Format Options

Option Type Upload Download Default Description
key_name_column string A Name of the column containing the key name/identification.
translation_column string B Name of column containing translation content.
comment_column string Name of column containing comment/description for a key.
first_content_row integer 1 Index of first row to contain translation content.
enable_pluralization boolean false Enables detection of pluralized keys. All matching keys will be persisted as pluralized keys.


This format uses named categories to identify the different pluralizations of a key. The following categories are reserved for pluralization:

.zero | .one | .two | .few | .many | .other

Example key names:

This way pluralized keys can be identified, persisted and marked accordingly.
Learn more about pluralization?