XML Localization Interchange File Format

File Extensions .xlf, .xliff
API Extension xlf
Format Options No
Import Yes
Export Yes
Pluralization supported? No
Descriptions/Comments supported? Yes


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xliff version="1.2">
  <file original="main" source-language="en" target-language="de">
      <trans-unit id="app_title">
        <source xml:lang="en">My Software Project</source>
        <target xml:lang="de">Mein Software Projekt</target>
        <note>Some description for translators</note>
      <trans-unit id="greeting">
        <source xml:lang="en">Hello 'User'!</source>
        <target xml:lang="de">Hallo 'Nutzer'!</target>
  <file original="message" source-language="en" target-language="de">
      <trans-unit id="app_message">
        <source xml:lang="en">My messages</source>
        <target xml:lang="de">Meine Nachrichten</target>
        <note>Some description for translators</note>


Xcode can package your localizable strings into the industry standard XLIFF format to send off for localization with PhraseApp.

Further Reading

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