Your translation control center

Translation Center is the central dashboard of your translation project. Designed for speed, easy to use and full of practical tools. Edit and convert localization files online. No installation, no software updates, no dependencies: Everything simply works in your browser.

Translation center editor

Versatile Search

Finding translations in a project with thousands of entries can become very time-consuming. Our flexible search engine lets you find what you’re looking for.

Collaborate easily

Working together is more fun. Invite as many users as you wish to work with on your projects: developers, product managers, translators or even your community users.

Progress at a glance

Immediately see what needs to be done. Review recent translations, find new content and engage with your team.

Back to the future

PhraseApp remembers changes made to translations. It’s easy to look up older versions and to restore them if needed.

Slack Integration

Our Slack integration ensures your team is kept informed of new activity in your PhraseApp projects.

GitHub Sync

Sync your PhraseApp projects automatically with your GitHub repository.

Translate directly on your website

How awesome would it be if translators could simply browse your website and edit text along the way? Our In-Context Editor offers just that. It provides translators with useful contextual information which improves overall translation quality.

See it in action


Turn your process into a continuous localization process with PhraseApp. Every process is slightly different. We offer a fully featured API that lets you integrate our service into your workflow. Continuous localization is simple with PhraseApp.

Buy translations

You can either work with your own team of translators or simply order professional translations from our translation partners. Rolling out new languages is now possible within hours.

Real people, real support

We offer comprehensive documentation, integration tutorials and personal assistance whenever you should need it.

Supported Formats

  • Ruby/Rails YAML (.yml, .yaml)
  • Gettext (.po)
  • Gettext Template (.pot)
  • Gettext Mo (.mo)
  • Android Strings (.xml)
  • iOS Localizable Strings (.strings)
  • iOS Localizable Stringsdict (BETA) (.stringsdict)
  • XLIFF (.xlf, .xliff)
  • Qt Phrase Book (.qph)
  • Qt Translation Source (.ts)
  • Chrome JSON i18n (.json)
  • React-Intl Simple JSON (.json)
  • React-Intl Nested JSON (.json)
  • Simple JSON (.json)
  • Go i18n JSON (.json)
  • Nested JSON (.json)
  • i18n-node-2 JSON (.js)
  • .NET ResX (.resx)
  • Windows Phone ResX (.resx)
  • Windows 8 Resource (.resw)
  • INI (.ini)
  • Java Properties .properties (.properties)
  • Play Framework Properties (.locale)
  • Java Properties XML (.xml)
  • Objective-C/Cocoa Property List (.plist)
  • Symfony XLIFF (Beta) (.xlf, .xliff)
  • Symfony YAML (.yml, .yaml)
  • Symfony2 YAML (Beta) (.yml, .yaml)
  • TMX Translation Memory eXchange (.tmx)
  • Excel XLSX (Beta) (.xlsx)
  • CSV (.csv)
  • PHP Array (.php)
  • Zendesk CSV (.csv)
  • Laravel/F3/Kohana Array (.php)
  • Angular Translate (.json)
  • Mozilla Properties (.properties)
  • EmberJs (.js)
  • i18next (.json)

All Features

  • Efficient Search
  • Extensive Permission Management
  • Pluralization Support
  • Tags
  • Change Tracking / Version Control
  • Machine Translation
  • Right-to-Left support
  • UTF-8 support
  • Slack Integration
  • Translation Memory
  • Style Guide
  • In-Context-Editor
  • Comments
  • Character Limits
  • Notifications
  • GitHub Sync
  • API
  • Placeholder Detection and Validation
  • Format Conversion
  • Professional Translation
  • Support Center
  • Documentation
  • Hosted platform
  • Realtime statistics
  • Emoji Support
  • Reporting
  • Screenshot Upload
  • Client Libraries & Plugins
  • Glossary
  • Assignable Jobs
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