iOS Localization has never been easier

Tired of emailing back and forth with your translators? How about a platform that integrates the whole process down into Xcode? Try PhraseApp now!

Iphone 6 plus languages


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Make your workflow fast and simple

PhraseApp enables you to manage your software localization projects all in one place while being fully integrated with all major software technologies. For example, you can upload your localization files from Xcode to PhraseApp with one click and then track the progress of your translators there. No more stressing out when you add new strings!

Easy interegrated

Integrated in no time

Installation of our Xcode plugin takes no more than three simple steps. New keys and translations can then be pushed and pulled with a single click or key combination. No more tedious and time consuming management of localization files or even excel sheets that need to be emailed over and over again.

Easy interegrated

Full control and overview

Do your translators tell you they are almost finished but then take another week? What if you could track their progress real-time? The PhraseApp Translation Center gives you full control and oversight of your projects. You can even start reviewing the first translations before the whole project is done.

Full workflow controll and overview








PhraseApp は翻訳に加えられた変更を記憶します。古いバージョンをもう一度見ることは簡単で、必要な際はそれらを復元することもできます。

Xcode Integration

Our plugin integrates PhraseApp into Xcode. It supports uploading and downloading of all locales for Localizable Strings and Xliff. Continuous localization can be simple.

Buy translations

You can either work with your own team of translators or simply order professional translations from our translation partners. Rolling out new languages is now possible within hours.

Worldclass Support

We offer comprehensive documentation, integration tutorials and personal assistance whenever you should need it.


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