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Build your plan according to your needs and accelerate your localization process right away.

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The basic essentials to kick start
your localization process.

무제한 단어수, API, 번역 주문 온라인 지원 및 기타 서비스

10 € per user


Improve your translation quality and consistency.

번역 메모리, 용어집, 문맥 수정 및 다양한 기능



Gain control over complex localization processes.

확인 시스템, 향상된 워크플로우, 리포팅 및 기타 기능

10 € Core × 10 users = 100 € per month

1.200 € per year
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All Features
36 € per user / month
12 € per user / month
Core + Quality
24 € per user / month
Core + Control
24 € per user / month
Edit and Organize
File Format and Syntax Validationinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Source Copy Editinginfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Search & Key Tagginginfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
API Accessinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
GitHub Syncinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Automated Communication
Email and In-App Notificationsinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Webhook Integration (e.g. Slack)info_outlinedonedonedonedone
User Management
User Roles and Access Controlinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Comments and Mentioninginfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
2-Factor-Authentication (2FA/MFA)info_outlinedonedonedonedone
Translation Orderinginfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Online Supportinfo_outlinedonedonedonedone
Translation Memory info_outlinedonedone
Glossary Term Base info_outlinedonedone
Change Tracking
History info_outlinedonedone
Activity Tracking info_outlinedonedone
Attachable Screenshots info_outlinedonedone
In-Context Editor for Web info_outlinedonedone
Statistics per User / Locale info_outlinedonedone
Assignable Jobs Betainfo_outlinedonedone
Proofreading Workflows
Verification System info_outlinedonedone
Advanced Workflows info_outlinedonedone
Enterprise Solutions
Self-Hostinginfo_outlineFor more information on our Enterprise Solutions, please contact us directly.
Personal Onboarding Supportinfo_outline
SLA with 99.9% Uptime Guaranteeinfo_outline
PCI DSS Complianceinfo_outline
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Frequently asked questions

Which payment options do you offer?

We offer payment via credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), bank transfer or PayPal. Payment via invoice or via purchase order are also available for annual contracts. Please contact us for special procurement requirements.

What is included in the trial?

During your 14-day free trial you have access to all features. We can assist you at any time to find the best plan for your needs. All plans include the features of the Core package such as access to our API and access to the Translation Center.

Can I upgrade?

You can upgrade your plan at any time. Plans are automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period if you do not cancel them. You can also add any of our packages to your current subscription at any time.