Run PhraseApp inside your own data center

The translation management solution on your own hardware behind your company’s firewall. Collaborate with your team, find professional translators and stay on top of the process.

Already more than 500 companies optimize their translation process with PhraseApp

Enterprise-grade at startup speed

Easily install PhraseApp On-Premise inside your own cloud infrastructure. PhraseApp On-Premise is our Cloud Solution packaged as a Docker container that can be operated inside your own network.

Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty

PhraseApp On-Premise is the perfect solution for companies with strict data hosting regulations. It can be easily integrated into your very own IT infrastructure behind your company's firewall. With PhraseApp On-Premise you remain in control of all your data.

Premier Support

Premier Support

Our enterprise-level services and premier support is dedicated to your teams' success. We offer comprehensive documentation, integration tutorials and personal assistance whenever you should need it.


Easy Setup

Shipped on virtual images based on Docker, PhraseApp On-Premise connects easily to your local infrastructure.


Maintaining full control

Behind your company's firewall, running on your servers and database: With PhraseApp On-Premise you remain in control of all your data.


On-boarding and coaching

Dedicated to your teams' success, we support enterprise clients through the entire setup and beyond.

All Features

  • doneEfficient Search
  • doneExtensive Permission Management
  • donePluralization Support
  • doneTags
  • doneChange Tracking / Version Control
  • doneBranching & Versioning
  • doneMachine Translation
  • doneRight-to-Left support
  • doneUTF-8 support
  • doneSlack Integration
  • doneTranslation Memory
  • doneStyle Guide
  • doneIn-Context-Editor
  • doneComments
  • doneCharacter Limits
  • doneNotifications
  • doneOver the Air Updates
  • doneGitHub and Bitbucket Sync
  • doneAPI
  • donePlaceholder Detection and Validation
  • doneFormat Conversion
  • doneProfessional Translation
  • doneSupport Center
  • doneDocumentation
  • doneHosted platform
  • doneRealtime statistics
  • doneEmoji Support
  • doneReporting
  • doneScreenshot Upload
  • doneClient Libraries & Plugins
  • doneGlossary
  • doneAssignable Jobs
  • doneAutomatic pre-translation