Android Localization has never been easier.

PhraseApp is the translation management platform that integrates your entire Android Localization process down into Android Studio.

Emailing back and forth with your translators has come to an end!

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With PhraseApp you're able to keep a clear overview of your Android Localization process and monitor the progress of your projects.

Inviting team members to PhraseApp and defining permissions is simple with our extensive personnel management.

Whether you're a product manager, developer, or translator, working with a team has never been more organized and efficient.

All Your Android Localization Projects In One Single Place

Collaborate With Your Team For Your Android Localization

PhraseApp makes working with a team more fun. You can invite as many users as you need to work with on your Android Localization project.

You can work with your own teams or order professional translations from our trusted partners, directly through PhraseApp. Start integrating several languages in no time at all! 

PhraseApp For A Fast & Simple Android Localization Workflow

Easy installation of our Android Studio plugin, which integrates seamlessly with Android Studio and the Translation Editor.

Easy configuration to make your individual Android Localization workflow fast and simple.

Push and pull new keys and translations with a single click. Validate placeholders automatically and prevent bugs. 

Sharing Translations between iOS & Android Is No Longer A Cross-Compatibility Obstacle

Android and iOS basically share the same c-style placeholder style but not the same formatting syntax.

PhraseApp enables a continuous internationalization workflow that ensures that your iOS and Android app will always share the same set of translations.

Learn more on how to share to share translation data across mobile applications.

Our platform helps you manage your translation process online. 

You can even order professional translations with the click of a button.

The PhraseApp Android Studio Plugin integrates seamlessly with Android Studio and the Translation Editor. Easy configuration.

Get professional translations and share string files with translators

„PhraseApp is the most developer friendly and continuous-deployment friendly solution on the market.“

Ed Vinyard Leading Software Architect at uShip

„PhraseApp has been instrumental in helping us perfect our apps' tone of voice in 6 languages.“

Joe Hughes Mobile Lead at Citymapper

Save developer time and manage your Android Localization with our platform.

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