Localize Your Angular Application with PhraseApp.

Translate your Angular Applications on one single Platform.

Easily handle the i18n & l10n process with Angular & PhraseApp and simplify your translation process.

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Organize your AngularJS/2

translation data effortless

PhraseApp supports your AngularJS & Angular2 localization libraries of choice, such as angular_translate, ng-i18next, and ng2-i18next.

Translate your json or xml files online to localize your Angular applications and let PhraseApp support your file import, export and API access.

Use our Translation Center full of helpful features to translate your keys the simple way.

Add the powerful PhraseApp In-Context-Editor to your AngularJS & Angular2 Apps

Beyond using the Translation Center, you can also make every translatable string editable with the dynamic PhraseApp In-Context-Editor and start giving your translators the context they need. 

Translating both your AngularJS and Angular2 application effortless and more accurate has never been more intuitive and tangible.

Use PhraseApp's CLI interface and API to build custom workflows

Put an end to long curl requests. Discover how to easily steer your AngularJS & Angular2 projects and translations via PhraseApp Command Line Tool.

The PhraseApp API enables you to create own workflows suitable to your individual internationalization and localization processes. 

„PhraseApp is the most developer friendly and continuous-deployment friendly solution on the market.“

Ed Vinyard Leading Software Architect at uShip

Save developer time and manage your angularjs/2 translation files on one single platform.

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