Efficient Rails Internationalization (i18n) with PhraseApp.

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Give Your Translators All The Relevant Context They Need

Get the most out of PhraseApp for your Ruby on Rails localization project with our In-Context-Editor (ICE).

Your translators no longer need to rely on comments or screenshots. With PhraseApp they can edit and view translations directly on your website where they find all the context they could ever need.

The best part is: our ICE requires almost no setup. It is as easy as installing a gem and pointing it to your PhraseApp project.

Automate The Processes Of Your Rails i18n Projects With PhraseApp

Set up basic translations, introduce localized views, translate ActiveRecord attributes and models, localize date and time, or provide pluralization rules. Using Rails i18n with PhraseApp makes your life easier. PhraseApp supports a long list of different languages and frameworks from Rails to JavaScript and allows to seamlessly import and export translations data.

PhraseApp Makes Your Entire Rails i18n Translation Projects A Lot Easier

Use our command line tool to manage your rails i18n translation management process with our API.

With our API you can import locale files, download locale files, tag keys or interact in other ways with the localization data stored in PhraseApp.

No long curl requests. Our CLI tool lets you navigate your projects and translations easily & quickly from the command line. Learn more in our documentation.

"I was looking for a quicker way to internationalize our Rails code into 15+ languages. With PhraseApp we were able to get things done in a fraction of the time within a global team spread across the entire globe. 

Using PhraseApp is an absolute home run!" 

Jon Kern, co-author of the Agile Manifesto & Agile Development expert

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