Rails i18n/internationalization with PhraseApp

i18n/Internationalization with PhraseApp: 

Easily edit Rails i18n YML-files online or have them 

translated professionally.

Hundreds of companies already optimize their Rails Internationalization with PhraseApp:

Rails i18n

Upload YML/YAML files and edit them online. 

Validate placeholders automatically and prevent bugs.

Set up new segments via the web interface or via language files. 

Compatible with rails-i18n, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Gettext and many other programming languages and frameworks. 


PhraseApp offers native integration with GitHub. We recognize changes in language files within commits and make it possible to automatically import them. 

Export new translations and locales to the GitHub repositories with one-click.

Besides GutHub, we also offer webhook notifications for many popular services such as Slack and HipChat.

PhraseApp supports and validates the specifications of 

Rails i18n guidelines e.g., plurals and placeholders.

With our PhraseApp client, the CLI-Tool (Command Line Interface), you can send or download your YML-files to our API.

You can address all PhraseApp functions via our REST-API.


Rails i18n API and CLI interface

i18next, Django i18n, Java & AngularJS i18n

PhraseApp is not only suited for Rails i18n projects.

Our platform supports over 40 localization - and language file formats.

Our In-Context-Editor works with Rails, Django, AngularJS and EmberJS.

ReactJS, Java and i18next language files can be edited online with PhraseApp.

A complete overview on our supported formats is available in our documentation. 

All Features At A Glance

✓ Efficient Search

✓ Extensive Permission Management

✓ Pluralization Support

✓ Tags

✓ Change Tracking / Version Control

✓ Machine Translation

✓ Right-to-Left support

✓ UTF-8 support

✓ Slack Integration

✓ Translation Memory

✓ Style Guide

✓ In-Context-Editor

✓ Comments

✓ Character Limits

✓ Professional Translations


✓ GitHub Sync

✓ Placeholder Detection and Validation

✓ Format Conversion

✓ Support Center

✓ No Setup Required

✓ Realtime statistics

✓ Emoji Support

✓ Reporting

✓ Screenshot Upload

✓ Client Libraries & Plugins

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