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PhraseApp supports your React localization library & format.

We provide ready-to-use adapters for react-intl and react-i18next.

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Easily Manage Your react-intl or react-i18next locale files 

in PhraseApp

Use React with PhraseApp and implement your software translation process. 

PhraseApp supports the react-intl formats React-Intl Simple JSON and React-Intl Nested JSON as well as the react-i18next format i18next.

PhraseApp Locale Dashboard

Make Your React Localization Effortless & Accurate with the powerful In-Context-Editor

Developers who use react-intl or react-i18next to localize their applications can use our react-intl-phraseapp or react-i18next addon to make it play nicely with our In-Context Editor. 

When localizing your react app, this will be an extremly helpflul Plugin to translate directly on your website and to see the context for existing translations.

PhraseApp offers native integration with GitHub. We recognize changes in language files within commits and make it possible to automatically import them. 

With our PhraseApp command line tool you can manage your react language files with out API.

Easily Automate Your 

React Localization Process

„Glad we chose PhraseApp! Very personal and friendly experience. Easy to integrate in our existing localization process.“

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