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Efficient Software and Website Translation.

 Reach your international audiences faster and save time during Software Translation.

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Simplify Your Software Translation With PhraseApp

No more spreadsheets! Simply edit your software translation data online. 

Less dependencies due to no installation and no software updates. Everything simply works in your browser.

Improve The Communication Within Your Software Translation Projects

PhraseApp allows global teams to effectively communicate within one single platform. Right where your entire Sofware Translation data is stored.

Reach your team faster and notify them immediately. PhraseApp reduces communication overhead and lets you inform your team members, ask questions and start discussions by commenting on individual keys.

Simply tag colleagues in your comments to address your message directly.

With the PhraseApp command line tool you can easily steer your Software Translation process via our API.

The PhraseApp API allows you to import and download locale files, tag keys or manage your localization data in which way ever you need it.

With the PhraseApp CLI tool you can easily access your projects via your command line.

Automate Your Entire Software Translation Process With PhraseApp

Translate More Intuitively Directly On Your Website

With PhraseApp you can see directly where the content is used in your software. 

The PhraseApp In-Context-Editor allows your translators to get more insights to the context of each translation. Screenshots and comments can also be added to every key individually.

“Thanks to PhraseApp, we can expand our business and product portfolio without ever having to worry about localization.”

Guido Behrenswerth Copywriting & Content Strategy Team Lead at XING

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Save process time and manage your software translation files with our platform.

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