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Website Translation in one single place. 

PhraseApp is the translation management platform for you to translate your website for an international audience.

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Enhance The User Experience Of Your Website With PhraseApp

Gain your users' trust and let them understand your website in their native language. Meet their needs with format, currency, offers and user experience. They feel more comfortable navigating and buying from sites that offer products in their own language and currency.

Invest in Website Translation so you have different languages and regional versions of your website that walk and talk like a native, in a local and appealing way.

Take control over your website translation projects

PhraseApp Locale Dashboard

No more spreadsheets. Edit and convert localization files online. No installation, no software updates, no dependencies: Everything works in your browser.

Run your website translation projects efficiently and organized with PhraseApp as your reliable Translation Management System.

PhraseApp allows global teams to get together and communicate on one single platform. The same place where your entire translation project details are stored. 

Our translation memory remembers the translations used in your projects and suggests matching results to help you with the translation of your content. 

The translation memory speeds up the website localization process and improves consistency across all localization projects.

Faster & Simpler Website Translation with PhraseApp

„Glad we chose PhraseApp! Very personal and friendly experience. Easy to integrate in our existing localization process.“

Amy Ying Product Engineer at

Save process time and manage your website translation files with our platform.

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