Delivers translated content right on time to their 12 million members

Thanks to PhraseApp, we can expand our business and product portfolio without ever having to worry about localization.

Guido Behrenswerth
Copywriting & Content Strategy Team Lead, XING

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1000+ компаний уже доверились PhraseApp

Offering web conferencing services with more features in 17 languages.

Процесс локализации намного более упорядочен, что значительно облегчает выпуск новых версий и добавление новых локалей.

Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer, Livestorm

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Becoming Germany’s first bank to offer a voice assistant for the stock market.

Thanks to its smart features and format versatility, PhraseApp has been our central tool in making the voice assistant case happen for comdirect.

Norman Timmler
Managing Director, Njiuko

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