phraseapp locale download <project_id> <id> \
--branch my-feature-branch \
--file-format yml \
--tags my-feature
phraseapp upload create  \
  --branch my-feature-branch \
  --file /en.json \
  --file-format json \
  --locale-id abcd1234cdef1234abcd1234cdef1234 \
  --tags my-awesome-feature
phraseapp job create  \
  --branch my-feature-branch \
  --name "Translations for awesome feature" \
  --due-date 2019-08-15 \
  --tags awesome-feature \
  --translation-key-ids "abcd1234cdef1234abcd1234cdef1234"

The whole PhraseApp API in your terminal. With the PhraseApp CLI Tool.

The PhraseApp CLI tool lets you navigate your projects and translations quickly from the command line instead of fiddling around with long curl requests. Available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

1. Ladda ner och installera

Download and install the client from GitHub.

On Mac OS X you can also install via homebrew:
brew tap phrase/brewed
brew install phraseapp

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2. Initialize

Use the phraseapp init command to initialize and configure your project.

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3. Ladda upp

Use the phraseapp push command to upload your existing locale files to PhraseApp.

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